Brand No More was born in Milan and breaks away from the logo-driven consumption, bringing the focus back to the uniqueness that lies in choosing a fragrance to match your mood and express your own style: don’t fall for a logo!

We believe that individuality in the world of scents means fragrance should be chosen according to the spirit of the moment, to reflect and enhance our mood and to enrich our daily experiences.

Fragrance also completes the way we present our unique style, becoming part of our outfit and of our self-expression.

Our scents are genderless and sourced in France, using the highest quality raw materials. By enlisting world-renowned nose Bertrand Duchaufour to bring the brands’ olfactory vision to life, our aim is simple: to create fragrances that smell good, yet always reveal a special note that ignites our imagination.

Our packaging is Made in Italy, with attention to sustainability and to details: each piece is packaged by hand and labels are applied by hand with artisanal care on each bottle.

Brand No More is the passion project of founder Stefano Cerlenizza.
A native Italian, he has always been exposed to the diverse, growing up between Italy, Germany and the United States. After years spent working in the luxury industry in Milan and New York, the time came to express his own point of view, wanting to make his personal exploration into the world of fragrances.